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Dental Care

Do you Have Swollen Gums? You Might Want to Read About Gingivitis!

Do you know poor oral health can (adversely) affect your overall wellbeing? Many of us often overlook the importance of dental health, eventually getting hit by various dental impairments, gum diseases or periodontitis.

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety? Let Our Friendly Dentist Help You Overcome

How many times in a year do you visit your local dentist? Sounds scary? Yes. For some, it is. Many people don’t feel like it’s a necessary chore or some might have a level of anxiety about visiting a dentist.  Many patients think concern over visiting the dentist. At Dr Leila Zamani Dental Practice, dental […]

Shades of White: Why Teeth Whitening Can Be Important Socially?

Most people underestimate the importance of teeth whitening treatment. Everyone looks at a person’s mouth when they’re talking.  While speaking, the expressions your mouth make help to give a different emotion. If your teeth are yellowed, the meaning of what you say is easily misconstrued. Also, people will look away to not cause embarrassment. This […]

Know From The Expert Dentists in Melbourne, CBD: Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Like most people, you will not be able to give a proper answer to this question. Most people hate visiting a dentist and would only do so when they have terrible pain. Regular dental checkups at Melbourne CBD dentist clinic ensure your teeth are treated to a deeper level of cleaning.

What is Tooth Avulsion and what should I do?

Dental avulsion is when a tooth has completely come out of its socket, following a trauma to the mouth. This could happen to either a primary (baby) tooth or a permanent (adult) tooth. The trauma could be just a fall at home – fainting and hitting the ground face first, or a sporting injury.

Get A Photo Ready Smile: Tips For Teeth Whitening

Today, everyone walks around with a smartphone and are always eager to click a selfie for what they eat, or see. Selfie is a way of life for today’s generation. But, it’s important to know you are wearing your best smile in selfie- isn’t it?.


It is easy to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy with a simple routine. An efficient dental care plan can prevent most dental problems.

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