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Dental Care

Common Dental Emergencies and What to Do On Your Way to a Dental Clinic

Whether it’s a broken tooth, swollen gum or injured soft tissue, a dental emergency can cause excruciating pain.  It’s quite normal to panic when experiencing such intense pain, bleeding or swollen soft tissues. However, panicking never helps! On the contrary, it might worsen the problem, which is the last thing on your mind. Whenever you, […]

Why Is It Important To Put a Crown On The Tooth After Root Canal Treatment

Dental crowns not only provide a natural-looking aesthetic solution for people who are dissatisfied with their smile, but also give the finishing touch for many root canal procedures. The crown is made from porcelain or a combination of porcelain and metal that offers additional strength, durability and stability to the remaining tooth structure after root canal […]

How to Take Care of Veneers? Here are Some Effective and Simple Tips

Dental Veneers are fairly easy to maintain over a prolonged period. In this article, we’d like to discuss a few important aspects involved with taking care of dental veneers at home. The most fundamental tip is to remember that every time you eat or drink something, rinse out your mouth afterward so bacteria does not […]

Dental Myths – Fact or Fiction?

The numerous old wives tales associated with oral hygiene and healthcare regime has given way to a series of misleading information. Whether it’s some quick fix for a chipped tooth or toothache, there are endless dental myths that are spreading far and wide. Instead of being helpful, these deep-seated misconceptions pose a huge obstacle to […]

Porcelain and Composite Veneers: Which One is Better?

Cosmetic dental treatment is the most commonplace dental practice in order to achieve the perfect smile. One such thing that cosmetic dental surgery in Melbourne covers is veneers. Unlike crowns that cover the entire tooth — front and back — dental veneers are thin shells, fixed over the front of your teeth to correct any […]

Going for Implants? – Here’s Everything You Must Know About Dental Implants

The pain – both physical and mental – of losing a tooth or two is hard to bear. Besides, missing tooth/teeth not only affect your overall health but also takes a toll on self-esteem.  With new inventions and technological advancements in the dental field, there are numerous cosmetic dentistry solutions that can restore your smile […]

50 Shades of White – Know How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last

Are you uncertain about smiling because of a yellowish tinge on your teeth? Is the condition of your teeth making you dread the thought of smiling? Don’t worry! There is a solution to get the flawless smile of your dreams. A beautiful and naturally white smile makes your day brighter. It also boosts your confidence […]

Do you Have Swollen Gums? You Might Want to Read About Gingivitis!

Do you know poor oral health can (adversely) affect your overall wellbeing? Many of us often overlook the importance of dental health, eventually getting hit by various dental impairments, gum diseases or periodontitis.

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety? Let Our Friendly Dentist Help You Overcome

How many times in a year do you visit your local dentist? Sounds scary? Yes. For some, it is. Many people don’t feel like it’s a necessary chore or some might have a level of anxiety about visiting a dentist.  Many patients think concern over visiting the dentist. At Dr Leila Zamani Dental Practice, dental […]

Shades of White: Why Teeth Whitening Can Be Important Socially?

Most people underestimate the importance of teeth whitening treatment. Everyone looks at a person’s mouth when they’re talking.  While speaking, the expressions your mouth make help to give a different emotion. If your teeth are yellowed, the meaning of what you say is easily misconstrued. Also, people will look away to not cause embarrassment. This […]

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