What is Halitosis?

Halitosis or bad breath is a common oral disease that results in the mouth emitting a foul odour. This is largely due to the presence of sulphur producing bacteria on the tongue and in the throat. This bacteria converts protein into smelly compounds at a very quick rate. Moreover, most cases are initiated at the mouth. This dental problem is usually short-term but can wreak havoc when it persists for a long time.

The most important thing to remember about bad breath is that it can lead to major confidence and image issues. This is why there is a need to explore its possible causes, symptoms and treatments to enable nipping it off at the bud.

Cause of Halitosis

Common Causes

Some common causes of halitosis are as under.

  • Poor dental care and hygiene
  • Diseases like Periodontitis or gum disease
  • Habits like smoking and alcohol
  • Dry mouth due to stress, medicines, snoring, mouth breathing and more

Underlying Causes

Most cases of bad breath are short lived. However, in case it persists for a long time, it may indicate a bigger problem. Some underlying causes of halitosis are thereby mentioned below.

  • Other intraoral problems like tooth decay, severe gum disease, abscesses, salivary gland diseases, mouth infection and more
  • Extraoral diseases like common cold, flu or sinusitis, kidney or liver disease, lung or throat infections, diabetes and such
  • Some other causes are starvation, high-protein diet, medications such as antihistamines and diuretic and so on.

Symptoms of Halitosis

Some major symptoms of halitosis are dry mouth, white coating on or below the tongue, thickened saliva, constant need to clear throat, metallic taste in mouth, plaque build up and post nasal discharge. Prevalence of all or some of these symptoms should push you to get treatment.

Treatment for Halitosis

DIY Treatments

For short lived bad breath, following DIY treatments can be applied.

  • Improving your overall dental hygiene
  • Staying hydrated
  • Avoiding foods that emit odour, alcohol, coffee and more
  • Practicing proper tongue cleaning routine
  • Using an effective mouthwash regularly

Professional Treatments

Sometimes halitosis might be more serious. Some things that you can do to treat persistent bad breath are:

  • Availing professional mouth cleaning
  • Ensuring proper treatment for gum disease , abscesses or dry mouth
  • Getting tooth extraction or cavity fillings in case of decay
  • A proper medical test, as advised by a dental professional, in case dental treatment has no effect

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