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  • August 17, 2020
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The numerous old wives tales associated with oral hygiene and healthcare regime has given way to a series of misleading information. Whether it’s some quick fix for a chipped tooth or toothache, there are endless dental myths that are spreading far and wide.

Instead of being helpful, these deep-seated misconceptions pose a huge obstacle to achieve good oral healthcare. Blindly following these “wrong practices” can cause irreversible damage in the long run, resulting in weakened dental health.

With tons of DIY videos on the internet, it has become more crucial than ever to set a few records straight and get a clear picture regarding oral health care regime.

Dental Myths

Fact or Fiction – Rinse Your Mouth After Brushing

Over the years, we have always been taught to rinse our mouths with plain water, right after brushing. However, when you rinse your mouth with a non-fluoride mouthwash or even plain water results in a washout of active ingredients in the fluoride toothpaste which plays a crucial role in preventing tooth decay.

According to new guidelines by dental associations, it is recommended to spit out and not rinse. This practice leaves a fine layer of the active fluoride particles on your teeth which gives you long term benefits.

Fact or Fiction – Charcoal is the Safest Way to Whiten Your Teeth

This concept is not entirely false. It is widely believed that the activated charcoal absorbs the discoloration and stains, making your teeth sparkling white. There is small evidence that shows toothpaste with activated charcoal has proved to be effective at reducing the stains and teeth whitening.

However, just like several whitening products, charcoal can be abrasive. Therefore, it is highly advisable to use it only for a limited amount of time. Moreover, the minor charcoal particles get lodged at the edges of filling or in the gaps between teeth leaving stains behind.

Pro-tips for using charcoal

Avoid using home charcoal products as it can be abrasive.

If you have filling on your front teeth, using charcoal can give you unpleasant stains.

Only a professional dentist can access the extent and cause of teeth staining, therefore before using charcoal consult your dentist.

Fact or Fiction – Mouthwashes are Always Good

Several people use mouthwash, regularly. Till now, this practice was considered a healthy habit. However, it’s long term use can have side effects which include masking dental problems and changing the way things taste. In addition to this, mouthwash contains alcohol, which poses potential risk of oral cancer. There are a few things that you need to take care of if you have to use mouthwashes.

It is advisable that you use mouthwash as prescribed by your dentist.

Please note that brushing and cleaning between teeth is one of the best ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Fact or Fiction – Babies Suck up All the Calcium From Their Mother’s Teeth

This idea is entirely based on the old wives’ tale that during pregnancy a woman loses calcium in her teeth. The truth, however, is that babies don’t suck calcium from their mother’s teeth. If a mother’s intake of calcium during her pregnancy is too low, she will start losing it from her bones, but not from her teeth.

It’s a well-known fact that pregnancy can adversely affect a woman’s oral health. So, here are a few things to consider:

The risk of tooth decay increases during pregnancy due to frequent snacking, vomiting, or acid reflux. So, it’s important to take good care of your teeth during this period.

Moreover, with hormonal changes during pregnancy, the risk of gum diseases also rises. Therefore, having a healthy diet, good oral hygiene plays a crucial role in maintaining your teeth.

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