What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency could be as simple as a fractured, chipped or cracked tooth. But it could be a toothache, facial swelling or dental trauma. Events like a fall, road accident or sports accident can cause damage and dental trauma to your teeth. As a result of that trauma the tooth may break (with or without the exposure to the tooth nerve). In some instances, the whole tooth can completely come out of its socket or become so lose that it wobbles whenever it is touched.

What to do if I have a dental emergency:

It is absolutely essential to immediately contact your dentist because time is an essential factor in dealing with conditions like facial swelling or a serious dental trauma. Please refer to our blog for information about what to do if your whole tooth has come out of its socket.

Untreated dental infection can spread into your jawbone or surrounding facial muscles. Serious infection left untreated could spread to other parts of your body resulting in other health issues. In some rare cases it can become life threatening. 

Dr Zamani has been working in emergency dental service for many years and is very experienced in dealing with dental trauma and dental emergencies. Please contact us on 96709020 if you need assistance with a dental emergency.


Warning: As well as benefits there are risks involved with any surgical or invasive procedures. You may chose to seek an opinion from another appropriately qualified person before proceeding.