Prompt, caring and efficient emergency dentist in Melbourne’s CBD

If you are experiencing an emergency dentist, don’t hesitate to act.

Dental emergencies include a range of situations, from traumatic accidents which damage the teeth, to ongoing dental hygiene issues which suddenly manifest in painful symptoms. Immediate evaluation is necessary in order to minimise long term damage to the teeth, gums and supporting bone. Emergency attention may also be necessary in order to provide relief for oral pain, and to prevent consequential injuries and infections which may be more serious.

Dr Leila Zamani has extensive experience in trauma dentistry and dealing with dental emergencies in her Melbourne practice. She understands that losing a tooth or experiencing strong pain can be an unnerving experience for anyone. In dental emergencies, she attends patients promptly and provides pain relief, temporary remedies and other treatment as required. Dr Zamani will also develop a long term treatment plan, for your peace of mind.

Because Dr Leila Zamani wants every patient to have a personal and comfortable dental experience, she offers her mobile telephone number to all her patients, in case of an emergency dentist treatment. This personal service helps ensure that you get through the trauma of a dental emergency in one piece, and recover your dental health sooner.

If you feel that you have an urgent dental concern, please do not hesitate to contact the practice or Dr Leila Zamani as soon as possible… We’ll have you smiling in no time!

Warning: As well as benefits there are risks involved with any surgical or invasive procedures. You may chose to seek an opinion from another appropriately qualified person before proceeding.